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Every Tuesday 3:00-6:00pm

2727 Jackson St, Alexandria, LA

The Alexandria Farmers Market is a weekly gathering that connects the community of Alexandria with the farmers, ranchers, and agricultural artisans of Central Louisiana. This connection strives to improve the physical, social, and economic well-being of the region by providing access to fresh, healthy, local food for residents, fostering community relationships, and serving as a business incubator for growers and producers.

Alexandria Farmers Market Land Acknowledgement

The Alexandria Farmers Market acknowledges our relationship with the land and waters of our region. The Red River watershed connects us to the Atchafalaya delta. Indigenous peoples continue in these lands since time immemorial as evidenced by the knowledge embedded in earthworks in our landscape.

Louisiana’s historic tribes include the Caddo, Chitimacha, Ishak (Atakapa), Houma, Natchez, and Tunica. By the late 1700s, many more tribes entered the region including the Biloxi, Ofo, Choctaw, and Apalachee. During this period, many tribes combined.
In addition to the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana located in Marksville, today’s Louisiana Federally recognized tribal nations include the Jena Band of Choctaw to the north, the Coushatta Tribe to the southwest, and Chitmacha to the south. Nearby state-recognized communities include the Clifton Choctaw to the west, the Adai and Choctaw-Apache communities to the northwest, and the United Houma Nation and associated tribal communities to the South. Native peoples still maintain connections and relationships of care for these lands today.

As an active first step toward decolonization, we encourage you to learn more about the Native Nations whose homelands this market resides on as well as the  Indigenous homelands on which you live and work. We also invite you to deepen your relationship with the living lands and waters of this region.

It is our commitment to further education about land and traditional foodways which our present communities have syncretized. Through deeper understanding of these histories we affirm support for access to foods and food sovereignty for our First Peoples.

2022 by the Numbers

  • 17

    average number of vendors per market

  • 32

    businesses supported by the market

  • 22

    average number of miles food traveled from farm to market

  • 16K

    visitors to the market


of fruit & veg purchased by children through Kids Club


Amount of SNAP and SNAP Match Provided


FMNP Qualified Produce Vendors


Average # of Farmers at Market Year Round


of vendors benefit from incentive programs

Is your organization interested in tabling at the market?

We partner with organizations that share alignment with the Alexandria Farmers Market through work in food access, health access, food systems, and agriculture. We need an average of 6-8 weeks advance notice for tabling activities at the market.

Our Signature Programs

  • You Snap. We Match.

    We accept SNAP benefits! Simply stop at the welcome tent to swipe your EBT card. And when you do, we’ll match up to $20 for you to do even more shopping at the market!

  • Kids Club

    Kids who visit the market will get $5 to shop for fresh fruits or veggies! ($5 per child)

  • Farmers Market Nutrition Program

    Look for the yellow sign to find vendors who accept Famers Market Nutrition Program Cards (senior or WIC). Contact your WIC office or council on aging to see if you qualify.